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Holistic Healing Centre Services Offered

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Explore issues troubling you right now. You are supported with compassion by a caring professional who is dedicated to healing. Giving yourself permission to receive this kind of support can be the first step forward. Know that your concerns will be treated with respect, confidentiality care and non-judgement .

class="div-p"> Holistic Living counsellors are equipped with not only the traditional counselling skills, but also the more contemporary alternative therapies ( eg. Reiki, meditations, etc ) to assist and support a person in their healing journey. This kind of counselling is experiential in nature. It takes the client on a journey of self discovery . It enables us to stay in our personal power rather than being victims to life’ s experiences . Holistic Living Counselling promotes personal growth and self empowerment.

This process is for everyone. You need not be in a crisis to want change. You may wish to pursue your potential for a more authentic life.

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